Sunday, May 06, 2007

Five things you don’t know about me

We were moving apartments last week & I was away from blogging while my internet connection was lost in a big mess of wires waiting to be re-connected. In the meanwhile, Kaya tagged me to write about ‘Five things you don’t know about me!

So here goes:
1. My favourite way of spending a weekend usually involves one of the following: books, movies, art, friends, nice dinner, and interesting conversations.
2. I am a dud when it comes to electronics, cars & technology. I depend on H completely when having to make decisions involving any of these.
3. I love traveling & taking holidays (who doesn’t!); but I also get home-sick quite quickly.
4. My most horrible habits include biting my nails & checking my blackberry too often.
5. I can be so well-organised & hard-working at work, but I’m a slob at home (I hate doing dishes or ironing clothes!)

Time to tag the next five: they are Clickable, Optimistic Guard, Moi, Mr.J, Happy Reader


M said...

hi, when did you move apartments? where have you moved to?

Megster said...

Radha, we have a lot in common!! I look forward to meeting you:)

Lotus Reads said...

lol, I love these "getting to know you better" memes!

I don't own a blackberry but if I did I am pretty sure I, too, would be addicted to checking it all the time.

I'm with you...travelling, reading, conversation are all my favorite ways to spend time!

Moi said...

somehow none of it seemed as a revelation to moi..:DDDD u sound like one who enjoys interesting conversations and friends, and books and movies ......:)

it made an interesting read.......settled into new apt?? shifting can be such a pain!!!!

Wanda said...

How fun to get to know you a little better. I'm with you on #1,2, and 3.

I guess I'm from the "old" school, cause I like to iron watching old movies.

Happy Reader said...

Interesting meme! I agree with you on 1 & 3 :) My H has a blackberry and God only knows how many times he checks it every day :) Quite addicting infact..

Radha said...

Hi M,
Not very far...we've moved only a few buildings away from our old place.

Im so looking fwd to the trip myself!! :)

I wud've never guessed that you like reading too!! just kidding! ;) When is your next trip to Dubai?

Radha said...

hehe, when I have to write memes like that I just go blank and I find I've nothing new to say abt myself! Lets see how you do the meme now!! :) Well, we shifted apartments but there are still a lot of unopened cartons lying around!! Its all grief right now!!

Its not 'old' school to like home-chores & new school to be lazy! I'm just plain lazy :)

Happy Reader,
Hey, you've been tagged; & I'm looking forward to reading more abt you!!

Yuva said...

atleast i know some.. because

1.) since i believe you to be creative sensible human being

2.) since you are female..;~)

5.) since you are genX female..;~)

..;~).. no offense.

Moi said...

so true..i cant think of one thing abt myself that the world doesn't know and i can share :DDDDD

Radha said...

None taken :) ...I rather liked the compliment :)

Come out with all those deep dark secrets!! :))

Mr. J said...

Blackberry is meant to be addictive. If it's not addictive it's not a blackberry.

Thanks for the tag. Will take it up some time soon.


Sharmi said...

hey Nice to know so much about you dear. there are some similarities between you and me!

~ a said...

radha.. read clickable's blog and reply! ;)

Radha said...

Looking fwd to seeing what you reveal abt urself!! :)

hi there...i knew it already from your blog :))