Sunday, May 13, 2007

No more sausages

I was in Frankfurt on work for a good part of last week. My hosts there invited me for authentic Frankfurt dinners & I continue to be amazed by the amount & variety of meat the Germans eat in their daily meal.
The two things I refused to try however were 'blood sausages' and 'liver sausages' (as a matter of principle, I dont like to eat anything with the word 'blood' in it!). I'm a meat-lover, but I've never seen so much meat in one meal anywhere but in Germany!

My visit happened to coincide with a huge 'meat fair' that was being held in Frankfurt; so there were meat adverts & commercials everywhere in the city. In the end, I think it was this advert that finally has put me off sausages for a long time to come....


~ a said...

This sort of an image would create a riot here! imagine all the jokes on the ad!!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lollllll talk about timing it! Thank God you weren't a vegetarian...imagine arriving in Frankfurt then?

I was in germany couple of years back and although I was struck by all the meat and sausages, beer was what struck me more...they even had BEER SAUSAGES! lol

Radha said...

I know!! :))

Hi! Yeah it was perfect timing, I did enjoy the meat for a while, but after the second meal, i didnt want to see sausages anymore. And then there is the 'apfelwein' (apple wine) to go with it. Killer combo! :))

Moi said...

hehe...if i were a fruit-arian (there must be something like that, even if its called by a different name )i wud be off bananas if i saw this one!!!
I am relatively new to red meat but love chorizo sausages......the only ones that come any close to being lip-smacking spicy!!!

Megster said... I'm guessing you won't want to eat any hotdogs here!!

Wanda said...

That is a hilarous picture...My taste buds went crazy trying to think both tastes at the same time.
Good Post!

Optimistic Guard said...

Lol, what a picture, seeing so much of anything would turn you off of it, I just love meat and I dont know if i would get turned off when i saw so much of it together, i guess i would.

Kanishka Agiwal said...

I am total vegan guy so I think the ad did tick me off on the wrong nerve. But then, thats their culture and what is offensive to me is not to them as the ad shows.

Radha said...

I love chorizos too! Hehe, yes, it did put me off bananas as well!

You guessed right!! :))

Hi, well its not great advertising for the sausages, is it? :))

I love meat myself, just had an overdose though :)

So are you finding enough veggie stuff in the US?

Mr. J said...

Frankfurters... ahh yum yum!! Some scrambled eggs, bread and ham... delicious :P

amna said...

haha yeah i wouldn't want to eat meat if i were you :)

p.s. i've added you to my blogroll :)

Radha said...

Mr. J,
Hi, haha, I love frankfurters too! Ideal with scrambled eggs!!

Well, im honoured :). And yes, im still put off with all the meat!!

Yuva said...

..;~).. if you eat meat than shld try turkish donner (in berlin)

Radha said...

Hi Yuva,
Well I havent tried them in Germany, but have eaten a few in Turkey. They're quite similar to the shawarmas in the Middle East.

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Oh yes..MTR comes as a big saviour and then I eat dollops of butter on the go so it keeps me happy and high.

diyadear said...

i love travelling.. n sigh i cud only see frankfurt airport during our transit. hope u had a nice time there.

Radha said...

Well I dont need to tell you this, but the MTR meals are terribly unhealthy!!

Hi there! Well I was there on work, so couldnt do much sight-seeing, besides I've been to Frankfurt a couple of times before, so this time it was strictly work. Although I've never been to other German cities yet! I should the next time!!

Jin said...

I know what you mean about the 'blood' meat stuff..........I have to cook Black Pudding for Hubs on occasions (it's a sausage comprising mainly of pigs blood) & the sight of it is enough to make me want to hurl. Thankfully he's cut it out of his diet now!

Radha said...

Although I'm sure its easier for you to cook/eat such stuff because you've grown up on things like that. Its such an alien concept to Indians, you can imagine my reaction! :)

Priyanka Sarkar said...

the pic's kinda freaky!!!!
my first visit to ur blog...liked ur sponteneity a lot!!:)

clickable said... looks so unappetizing. Ads are so culture-specific. I'm sure you're off bananas as well now :)

Radha said...

Hi,glad you liked it :)

Well yeah, im off bananas & sausages both!! :)

Lotus Reads said...

LOL, I don't blame you! I'm not too hot on red meat, so I think all those meat ads would have got to me, too!

We've always been given to believe that German food is really bland...did you eat anything that made you change your mind about this common notion?

Radha said...

German food is quite bland, but its tasty. Especially if you like meat. I quite enjoyed the food until this over-kill :)