Saturday, February 23, 2008

Arab Street in Singapore

Yesterday was the first time that we went to the "Arab Street" in Singapore; and I was super-excited to eat shawarmas & hummus; see sheeshas; and hear someone call out "habibi"; sitting right here in Singapore!!!

It came as a surprise to me that there are enough Arabs in Singapore to be able to have one whole block dedicated to their food & lifestyle!


Destitute Rebel said...

I like arab food, all the meat with flavor, i believe desi recipies even though the are good take away the actual flavor from meat.

Radha said...

D Reb,
I LOVE arabic food....although the food at Arab Street in Singapore was more Turkish, less Arab. I miss the food in Dubai (sigh!)

666 said...

@moi: look what radha ate.. she had sau'varma'.. sau bole to 100

Radha said...

Ufff!!! Thats the most far-fetched joke I've ever heard by far!!! :D

Dark AngeL said...

never knew that there is an arab street in singapore ... wow this sounds nice!

Radha said...

Dark Angel,
I didn't know either! And I've been here for 6 months now!! :)

Dark AngeL said...

LoOl ... so how did you feel when you found this place

shakester said...

really? you guys have never been?? so you went after Jodhaa Akbar?
where did you eat? There's one out and out Turkish place, there's also a decent Egyptian one, but the nicest one I never remember the name for. If you go upstairs they have a room for shisha and another to eat in. They take FOREVER to serve you, but it usually pertty good.

Radha said...

Yeah, I had heard about it, but last weekend we went there for the first time :)
We went to a Turkish place right at the beginning of the street; it was called "Turkish Grill" I think.
Should try your place the next time!!!

kaya said...

Oy veh!
Now you have really reached the point where DUBAI-itis sets in.
Me, I am not a big fan of shawerma. In fact dont like it at all.
Like iranian food,but do tend to find it bland, for me nothing tickles my palate like a good robust tom yam, or kickass haleem.

Pandian said...

Hi Radha, This is Pandian from Chennai. Hope that you have already moved to Singapore from Dubai. I am also planning to relocate from India to either Singapore or Dubai. I lived in Dubai and Muscat for about 8 years with family. How do you compare these 2 places for living and working? I am in dilemma: move to Dubai or Singapore. Your valuable input would help me in my decision making. Thanks for your input.

Would be happy to receive your views on napomanyu at yahoo dot com
Kind Rgds,

Pandian /Chennai
napomanyu at yahoo dot com

Radha said...

I absolutely love & miss Arab food. We both enjoyed grilled meat a lot; so Arabic food was perfect for our palette.

Hi. Well, I can't answer that question in a "I vote for Dubai" or "I vote for Singapore". Both places have their pros & cons.

Singapore is definitely more expensive than Dubai (in terms of rent & cars); although food, public transport, utilities are cheaper.

I don't have kids, but I'm told Singapore is a better city to raise your kids, because the quality of education is better.

I can't say about quality of work, because I dont know what field you work in.

But I still miss living in Dubai. That city is more upbeat & spontaneous than Singapore is.

Pandian said...


Thanks for your input. I am into IT. I am planning to start an IT Consultancy Company in Singapore. As you said, it's difficult to say which one is good. I visited Dubai last month and stayed for a week. Lots of changes..and never ending..I have to decide by the end of Mar 2008 due to my kids education..


Kishor Cariappa said...

Interesting; shawarmas are available in Bangalore and whole of Kerala as well.

Salleh Lim said...

Hey!!! So cool! Hope u still come to this blog to view ur comments. I love the Arab culture and looking for pple in Singapore who has the same interest in Arabic music, food etc!!!

Looking forward to ur reply =)

sheenuhbaby said...

Hi! I'm also from Dubai before who recently moved to Singapore.

Any suggestions on where to have my Arab food fix? I've been trying to look for Arabic food here for the longest time :(