Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trip to Vietnam

We had a 4-days weekend in Singapore for the Chinese New Year; so we took off to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. And it turned out to be quite an interesting trip.

The lunar new year is also a big festival in Vietnam (its called the "Tet Festival") and the city was almost completely closed during the 4 days we were there. So we couldn't do much of the regular touristic stuff; like sail along the back-waters of the delta; or visit the local markets. But the festive mood in the city was quite something. There were parades & yellow flowers on almost every street in the city & it was abuzz. To give you an idea, this was what the city looked like from a rooftop bar we were sitting at :)


Padma said...

wow! deep envy happening...added to the deep envy for the previous post :)

Moi said...

awesome!!!!!! this reminds me of watching Mardi Gras parades here in New Orleans from the top of the restaurants in French Quarter......

more pics please.........:)

Parth said...

That could be a crowded market in India :-)

Radha said...

Padma, Moi,
It was an interesting holiday. Was my first trip to a communist country & some of the contrasts were striking. I shd write a post abt that maybe! I did click a lot of pictures, will put them up soon.

More like the mela in Pune because there were hoardes & hoardes of two-wheelers in that crowd!

Aquin said...

Do yellow flowers symbolise something? And did you see any rats on the menu? I was reading a Wall Street Article on how it has become a delicacy.

Jas Bhambra said...

That bar must be real high up! :)

I'll just borrow others' comments. "Envy happening", yes. "More pictures please." :D

Radha said...

Hi!!! How've you been??

Don't think the yellow flowers are symbolic of anything, they're just the traditional decorations used for the festival. The trees (that carry the yellow flowers) are used to hang beautiful envelopes with cash in them...they're given away as gifts to the children in the family or juniors in the office.

And no, there were no rats on the menu :) Although there were huge cut-outs of rats everywhere because the new year is the year of the rat!!

It wasn't that high, its only the 5th floor, but the view was great :))

Fighter Jet said...

when will I step out of my city:(