Monday, February 04, 2008

Its strange, the things we miss about the past

Every time I step into the mono-rail trains of Singapore, I can't help but compare the orderliness & almost zombie-like discipline of that commute to the chaotic & fish-market-like experiences of travelling in Mumbai's "Churchgate-fast-train".

I don't know why I should miss that chaos, but I do.


Moi said...

I think chaos is so programmed into our DNA that the orderliness seems sterile....when I first came to US, i felt like I have been transplanted into a sound-proof zone despite "heavy" traffic on roads!

Padma said...

i relate, totally. Same feeling living in the US. There is a method to that madness and we were familiar with it, i guess.

Parth said...

Its the exact reverse experience for westerners who go to India. The chaos is shocking for them to absorb.

Radha said...

Moi, Padma,
If you think US is too orderly, you must visit Singapore!!!

I know!! When we were in india in december for a couple of friends' weddings, there were a lot of guests at the weddings from France & they just couldn't get enough of the traffic & the cattle on the roads, and the autorickshaws :))

Fighter Jet said...

What a study in contrast :(

when will we learn some good thing from others :(

dont seem likely in another 100 years atleast..

Kishor Cariappa said...

Indian first, NRI later :)

suramya said...

when I came to singapore I was stunned by its efficiency. I think its rather fun. The chaos after some time is really not nice

shakester said...

the efficiency and order is all good, but whats with the zombies?
its horribly depressing.

"wake up people, look around. there's a life you are living!
...or are you?"

Radha said...

Fighter Jet,
It is quite a contrast!

NRI is an Indian after all :)

You were on a holiday, so you probably didnt catch the rush-hour zombies :)

Exactly !!!