Sunday, February 17, 2008


I thought "Juno" is such a refreshingly different movie. It could easily be categorised under "feel-good" or "chick-flick" and yet its funny (hilarious, actually), very witty, very heartfelt; and its certainly a first-time-ever sort of a look at teenage pregnancy (loved the non-judgemental view of things).

A great movie. The scenes between Juno & her parents are absolute gems.

Oh, and did I mention the great sound-track?


J said...

Juno.. heard quite a lot about it. Must see!!

The last time, Hitman won hands down :P

Dark AngeL said...

I saw it yesterday ... It wasnt that bad .. I like it!!! its different ..

kaya said...

Not seen it. saw the Great debaters and The Kite Runner.

Jas Bhambra said...

Haven't watched it but it is on the list of ones to be watched.
Its a Canadian movie!!!

Moi said...

I am yet to lay my hands on it........i know some who totally loved this one.......oh boy, i wish i'd settle down soon to get back to the comforts of life....and when i say "comforts" i mean a couch, a TV, and an internet connection..that's all i need :)

Radha said...

J, Dark Angel, Jas,
I quite enjoyed watching it.

Will do the tag soon! Am surrounded by banking books at the moment; so dont want to do it right away :)

How about some patience pls???? :)

cleanragamuffin said...

Seems like a "must watch"

Radha said...

Hi !!!! How have you been? Still rocking Hyderabad? :)
The movie is geat, you must see it!